What makes Radio Controlled Cars so unique?

These are battery or gas operated trucks and cars which are controlled using a remote control from a permitted distance.  Traditionally speaking, a remote controlled vehicle used to be connected to its remote through a wire.  On contrary, a radio controlled car or truck is usually operated using radio frequency link with its remote control.

Types of RC Cars

The radio frequency cars are available in both on road and off road kinds.  On road cars and trucks are those that are legally approved to carry people and cargos.  They are made to run on normal, smooth and paved roads.  Off road refers to vehicles made for harsh territories.  They usually have fully functional suspensions with wide tires.

There are two kinds of Radio controlled cars available in the market:  Toy grade and Hobby grade.  A toy grade vehicle has electronic component which is inbuilt into the system whereas in a hobby grade, it is replaceable.  The objective of toy grade cars is to keep production cost low while focus on its exterior appeal and overall design. Cheaper toy grade cars lack suspension and have primary designs.  These are great intro for the car enthusiasts and apt for ages 5 to 10 years.

Today, there are many manufacturers making Hobby grade ready-to-run cars due to its large demand.  Such manufacturers include Tamiya,  Traxxas, Thunder Tiger, HPI, and  Losi.

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